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Terry Key – Family Law (Divorce, Mediation, Child Custody, Wills & Trusts) Dothan, AL

Practicing family law requires sensitivity, compassion and determination.  Divorce, and the emotional battles for child custody, property and other important issues such as spousal support call for a unique set of legal skills.  Jacoby & Meyers family law attorneys are thoroughly familiar with what’s needed to navigate the minefield of issues that can come with divorce.  If you have a large marital estate, or a family business, or even some abuse issues, be careful to hire a lawyer you are confident will handle those things well and fairly.

Divorce isn’t the only area where you might need a Jacoby & Meyers Dothan, Alabama family lawyer.  For example, you’ll want the right attorney representing you in child protective proceedings, where the state removes an abused child from parental care and places him or her in foster care. The abusive parents' rights may be taken away and the child eventually adopted.

Jacoby & Meyers family law attorneys are familiar with the financial and emotional issues that people going through these trying times have to deal with.  It’s free for you to come by our office and talk to one of our highly-experienced and caring family law attorneys about the issues you may face.  You’ll get answers to your questions, and together, we can map out a strategy that works best for you and your loved ones.

Call Jacoby & Meyers now to schedule an appointment with one of our Dothan family law attorneys, and let us help you navigate one of the most trying and difficult times of your life so that you can begin moving forward.

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