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$700,000,000 – Settlement of an environmental case
$25,000,000 – Pedestrian death
$6,000,000 – 18 Wheeler accident – Traumatic
$1,200,000 – 18 Wheeler accident – Broken leg
$800,000 – Pedestrian death
$1,800,000 – Auto Death
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$750,000 – Dump Truck Accident – Broken Leg
$975,000 – Premise Liability
$1,300,000 – 18 Wheeler Accident
$3,000,000 – 18 Wheeler-Death
$3,000,000 – 18 Wheeler Accident
$500,000 – Delay In arrival of ambulance
Call Today – 334/794-8000
$800,000 – Removal of a safety device

Workplace Injury

Despite the care you and your employer take, accidents and injuries happen.  As a result, thousands of employees experience work-related injuries or illnesses every year.

Whether your injuries are the result of a sudden accident or the accumulation of years of repetitive motion, toxic exposure, or stress, a Dothan, Alabama workplace injury lawyer with one of the largest, best-known law firms in the nation can go to bat for you.

Cases handled by Jacoby & Meyers workplace injury lawyers in Dothan, Alabama include:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals or substances
  • Stress injuries and anxiety disorders from abuse or harassment
  • Denial of legitimate worker’s compensation claims

If you have experienced a workplace injury, you may be entitled to compensation to help with loss of income, medical expenses, and long term care expenses.  Call Jacoby & Meyers at 1-800-411-4LAW to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Dothan, Alabama Jacoby & Meyers workplace injury attorney.

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